Hi! We are Malia Yap and Kailani Yap, and we want to change the world by sharing kindness through the kind cookies! Each of our cookies is imbued with qualities like bravery, gratefulness and more — so when you receive them, you can feel inspired and good about yourself! More importantly, ten percent of Conscious Kids Cookies proceeds benefit the nonprofit No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending child hunger in America.

The world is a better place when you’re kind to others! Let’s bake it happen.

Signature of Malia and Kailani, the founders of Conscious Kids Cookies.

P.S. Please let us know what you think of our cookies! If you have any suggestions on flavors please share. Conscious Kids Cookies want to make you happy!


We can't thank our loyal customers enough for supporting us and helping our cause. We believe that this world can be a kinder place. It can start with a cookie and a smile.


My other favorite is the dulce de leche cookie which has the perfect balance of sweetness and cookie to filling combo! Overall the variety of cookie flavors along with proceeds donated to No Kids Hungry, make Conscious Kids Cookies unique, tasty, and truly amazing.


The Conscious Kids Cookies are absolutely AMAZING. The variety of flavors are unique and baked to perfection. For sure, the cookies are best eaten when warmed. My favorite is the coconut ube: it is light but not too sweet, yet it is very flavorful.


These cookies are so delicious and satisfying! Chewiness, crunchiness, and perfect bite from chocolate chips. It is simply perfect. With a glass of cold milk, we are going so wild on these wild cookies.


We are Malia and Kailani, we bake cookies that bring joy and donate 10% of our profits to No Kid Hungry. Starting from slime and bulletin boards, we’ve ventured into baking to make the world sweeter, one cookie at a time.

Join us in sharing smiles and positivity!


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Hey there, it’s Malia and Kailani, and in this picture, you’ll see us with the biggest grins ever! Because we’re not just sisters, we’re a team, and our smiles show how much fun we’re having together.

And as a team we’re all about making the world a better place with our Conscious Kids Cookies‘ mission.  So here’s to sisterhood, smiles, and baking up positivity, one delicious cookie at a time!

You know, as kids, we’ve always felt that we bring happiness and laughter to those around us. And guess what? Now that we are older it is our mission to spread even more joy through our super yummy cookies!

Just like how our dancing and laughter light up the screen, our Conscious Kids Cookies are here to light up, bring joy and positivity to people’s lives.