Sisters Start Baking Business to Spread Kindness

We are featured on ABC Eyewitness News. We are happy to spread kindness by baking yummy cookies that help kids in need. Thank you for those who bought our cookies. You all are amazing!

Conscious Kids Cookies founders Malia and Kailana with their parents.

Thank you ABC and For those who want to watch it, Here you go!


SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) — Two young Southern California sisters are already learning what it’s like to become entrepreneurs through baking.

Kailani and Malia Yap – ages 12 and 13 – had a sweet idea born, then baked in the family’s kitchen. The mission of their Conscious Kids Cookies is to spread kindness with cookies.

They’ve started a new business baking cookies amid the pandemic, and in this case, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. They were inspired by their mom Kalika Yap. “Being an entrepreneur is really, really hard. I think the myth that everybody has about an entrepreneur is that there’s an overnight success,” said Kalika.

Although Kalika is there to help, she says her girls are learning it all, from the baking to the sales and delivery. That’s where Conscious Kids Cookies really becomes a family affair. Their dad Rodney helps with several parts of the business, but says the best part of the job is being the official taste tester.
Business has been pretty good for Kailani and Malia, who have a website up and running. And already, they’re giving back by donating 10% of their proceeds to the organization No Kid Hungry.

And it doesn’t hurt that the sisters are having fun while helping.

By Marc Cota-Robles

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