Baking with Kindness: Conscious Kids Cookies

In our family’s kitchen right here in Santa Monica, California, my sister Kailani and I have cooked up something special – a business that’s all about sharing kindness through cookies, and we’re going to try to do that by making delicious cookies so that the people who get them are happy.

Malia and Kailani Yap introducing the Conscious Kids Cookies business.At 13 years old, I’m the older one, and my 12-year-old sister Kailani and I are the proud founders of Conscious Kids Cookies. This whole journey began during the pandemic as our way of bringing a little sunshine into people’s lives during those tough times. Kailani chimes in, saying, “We give our cookies traits like one kind cookie or one brave cookie.”

From handling orders, carefully packaging our treats, to making deliveries, we’re learning what it takes to run a business, and it’s quite an adventure. “Being an entrepreneur helped me with like communication with other people,” Kailani shares, and I nod in agreement. But we didn’t want our story to be just about baking and selling cookies. We wanted to give back. That’s why we decided to donate 10% of all our proceeds to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

“We realize how fortunate we are that we have enough food, and we would like to help support kids, maybe our age, who are in a less fortunate situation than we are,” I explain. Balancing our budding business with our full-time online school schedule isn’t a piece of cake, but we believe it’s worth it. It’s proof, as Kailani puts it, that kids can truly make a difference.

“If you do have the time and resources to invest in doing something, then I think you should try to help change the world with it,” I add. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, one delicious batch of cookies at a time. Our goal is to sell enough cookies to donate $10,000 to No Kid Hungry.

If you want to learn more about our business and even order some of our scrumptious cookies, be sure to visit our website at We’d love to share a taste of kindness with you!

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